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Angela Mitchell

Broadway Broadcasts on the Horizon?

By February 15, 2012

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'Das Rheingold' courtesy of the Metropolitan OperaAs I've covered here a few times over the past year or so, the Metropolitan Opera has had tremendous success with its HD broadcasts, and London theatre producers have also seen similar successes.

Now it looks like several NYC producers are also jumping on this bandwagon, and The Wall Street Journal takes a timely look at the ways they're doing so here.

I'm delighted by this development and will be following it closely, as I love this kind of confluence of art and technology -- it's good for everyone involved. It helps producers reach more audiences, sell more tickets, make more money, pay more artists, and (oh yes) opens up NYC (or London, Rome, or anywhere) productions to potential audiences everywhere. What's not to love?

Image from Das Rheingold courtesy of the Metropolitan Opera

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