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Angela Mitchell

Theatre Says 'No Script? No Problem!'

By November 10, 2012

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Every playwright knows how difficult it can be to get your works produced. Now, evidently, England's Bush Theatre is going to explore opportunities for production that don't necessarily arise from the words on the page, but from the artists themselves. Theatre critic Matt Trueman over at The Guardian blogged the other day about this -- a really fascinating development at the venue, which has recently announced a new literary policy which will encourage actual interaction with artists themselves over simple script submission, emphasizing engagement and a more exploratory work process. The policy seems to give a pretty steep edge to writer-performers, but the Bush will evidently still employ standard script submissions, as well.

The theatre is currently exploring this "future of new writing" with a three-week festival of talks and debates called RADAR 2012, which will run through November 22, 2012, and which allows attendees to view some of that initial exploration, dialogue, and process firsthand. Visit the theatre's website for more information on the event here.

I'm interested to see how this goes, and to see if it's a model that has worked for others with any consistency. What's your take? Has your theatre or group ever staged a work without a standard script submission?

Image: Radar 2012 Festival poster courtesy of The Bush Theatre

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