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Angela Mitchell

Angela Mitchell

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Angela Mitchell is the Performing Arts Guide for About.com, and family folkore says that her first words were, "Let's put on a show!"

She has been in love with the performing arts all her life--ever since she staged her own impromptu melodramas at recess in the first grade. Her passion for performing arts encompasses everything from theatre, to dance, to classical music, and beyond, from the local venues, to those across the world.

Born with mild cerebral palsy, Angela was lucky enough to overcome most of her symptoms after childhood, and the condition has made her a lifelong appreciator of grace in others. She has lived and worked in such cities as Seattle, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Sonora, Houston, Jacksonville, and more. She most recently spent two years writing about Broadway and Off-Broadway theatre in New York.


A performer and playwright, Angela's experience in the performing arts also includes roles as a director, stage manager, lighting tech, properties master, jazz singer, and symphony cellist. As an entertainment publicist for her firm Paranoid PR, she has promoted bands, theatres, studios and artists since 1991.

Angela has also published dozens of articles on topics from stage lighting, to acting, effects, and set design, as well as Broadway and theatre reviews. In 2006, she created Dramagoodies, a store offering apparel and household goods especially for performers, cast and crew.

She is the author of several plays, including Missing the Comet, Between the Wish and the Thing Life, The Betrayals of Women, and a new untitled drama near completion. She is also currently at work on Anything but Straw, a new musical for children.

Learn more about Angela by visiting her PR website at Paranoid PR, or her website on her writing career here.


Angela began formal training as a singer and performer in high school, and continued to pursue formal voice coaching while attending college at Florida State University in Tallahassee in 1985. She expanded on her music training at Florida State by learning the cello, as well, under the instruction of Roger Drinkall.

She was a vocal soloist with the FSU Collegium Musicum, in addition to performing on such Early Music instruments as the recorder and crumhorn, and graduated from FSU in 1989 with a degree in Media Production and a Minor in Theatre.

During her time at FSU, Angela also studied acting, playwriting, set design, and lighting design, as well as studying directing for the theatre under Dr. Charles Olsen. She also worked on over a dozen student productions, workshops, and projects as a writer, director, and stage manager.

By Angela Mitchell:

For me, there's nothing like the joy of taking part in the performing arts, whether as a performer or as an appreciative audience member. It's something I recommend without reservation to others, as an activity that will entertain you, enrich your life, make you think, and even surprise you. There's a place in the performing arts for everyone, no matter what their level of expertise, and there's never been a better time to volunteer and take a peek behind the wings!

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