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Learn the language of the theatre with this guide to industry terms and theatre slang!
Dry Tech - Stage Slang - Theatre terms - stage vocabulary
A rehearsal in which the tech and lighting crew run the show from beginning to end in an abbreviated form consisting solely of scene changes and tech ...
Masking - Stage Slang - Stage language - Theatre slang - Theater ...
Also called "tabs." The drapes used in the wings of the stage, which keep audiences from seeing beyond the stage performance area.
run - Stage Slang - Stage language - Theatre slang - Theater ...
The length of a performance engagement. For example, "The new production of Hamlet ran for thirty-six performances."
Cold Reading - stage slang - theatre terms - stage language - stage ...
A cold reading scenario is when the script or other content is read aloud without reading or knowledge beforehand. Typically used in audition scenarios and as a  ...
Front of House - Stage Slang - Stage language - Theatre slang ...
Definition: A general term referring to the "services" aspects of staging a show that generally take place in the front part of the venue, including tickets, ushers, ...
Standing Room Only - SRO - Stage Slang - Stage language ...
Or SRO. In which all seats to a show are sold and ticket-buyers can then buy the opportunity to watch the show from a standing area instead.
LX -- lighting -- stage lighting - Performing Arts - About.com
Can also be used to simply refer to lighting in general -- for instance, a stage manager might note, ... Stage Slang ... 17 Theatre Tech Apps for Lighting Designers.
Top Hat - Performing Arts - About.com
... Performing Arts · Stage Slang ... of Sotto Voce Film+Works. The Top Apps for Stage Tech ... 17 Theatre Tech Apps for Lighting Designers · Lighting, Sound and  ...
Monologue - Stage Slang - Stage language - Theatre slang ...
An extended piece or series of lines spoken by a single character. Monologues are also essential material for use in auditions.
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