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Hurricane Sandy Advice, Info and Resources for Artists and Arts Organizations

Detailed help for artists, groups, and arts organizations after Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy Advice, Info and Resources for Artists and Arts Organizations

Times Square stood dark and quiet in the eerie calm before Hurricane Sandy struck on October 30, 2012. After the devastation to follow, arts organizations are coming together to help those affected by the disaster.

Courtesy of Flickr User d.aniela (Creative Commons)

Hurricane Sandy carved a brutal path up the Eastern seaboard from October 29 through November 1, 2012, and the storm was especially devastating on artists and arts organizations in the Northeastern United States. Following is an overview of several organizations offering vital help, links and resources for artists when they need them most.

Actors’ Equity
Hurricane Sandy News & Resources: http://www.actorsequity.org/NewsMedia/misc/sandy.asp
National Headquarters: 165 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
Telephone: 212-869-8530
AEA NY Office: Temporary Telephone Number: 212-398-8304 Fax: 212-719-9815
Performance-Related Emergency Line: 866-270-4232.

To do its part for the performing arts community after Hurricane Sandy, Actors' Equity is holding a Broadway Collection for Sandy Victims, and top on the most-wanted list are such items as: Batteries, Flashlights, Candles, Matches. The organization is currently calling to all crews, casts and more in the NYC area to offer whatever they can -- from a gently used or still-working flashlight, to any other helpful items that can make a difference.

Initial post-Sandy collections took place on Saturday, 11/3, with delivery to LES through the weekend, however efforts will continue forward as well. Please e-mail mary[at]2hbproductions.com to confirm a stage door pick-up or arrange a drop off location.

The Actors Fund
Blog: http://www.actorsfund.wordpress.com
Phone: 917-281-5936
Temporary/Back-Up Phone Numbers (as of Nov. 2012): Main: 917.281.5936
Social Services: 917.281.5913 or 917.281.5917

The Actors Fund is a national organization that helps those onstage as well as behind the scenes, supporting a variety of individuals in the entertainment and performing arts industries. As a safety net for those in need, crisis or transition, The Actors Fund provides comprehensive social services including counseling, crisis intervention and connections to local resources for personal, family or work related problems as well as emergency financial assistance for basic living necessities.

Following Hurricane Sandy, The Actors Fund is providing links to resources “for people suffering from the after-effects of Sandy, whether it be lack of work, healthcare needs, storm damage, etc.” They offer some great links and insights, as well as a warm and caring resource on the web for performing artists all year round.

NOTE: According to Actors’ Equity, Actors’ Fund web, e-mail and phone are experiencing sporadic outages. Use the following Temporary/Back-Up Phone Numbers for Assistance: Main Number: 917-281-5936; Social Services: 917-281-5913 or 917-281-5917)

Americans for the Arts - Emergency Response Resources after Hurricane Sandy Resources: http://www.artsusa.org/news/afta_news/default.asp#item51 http://www.artsusa.org
Essential Guidelines for Arts Responders: http://www.artsusa.org/pdf/news/Essential%20_Guidelines_for_Arts_Responders.pdf
New York City Office: One East 53rd Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10022
Telephone: 212-223-2787
Fax: 212-980-4857

Americans for the Arts has teamed up with the National Coalition for Arts Preparedness and Emergency Response in order to provide some truly outstanding advice and resources for Americans in the arts after Hurricane Sandy.

Their “Essential Guidelines for Arts Responders” is a fantastic resource to read, save and print, and which will help individuals, groups and organizations figure out their best response and approaches in the coming weeks. The group is also developing a more detailed handbook that will serve “local and state arts agencies, organizations, foundations, and other arts groups plan and administer a coordinated disaster mobilization system within their service areas,” so this is something to bookmark and return to often.

APAP 365 - Association of Performing Arts Presenters
Hurricane Sandy Relief: http://www.apap365.org/CONNECTIONS/blog/default.aspx
1211 Connecticut Ave., NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036
Toll free: 888-820-ARTS (2787)
Phone: 202.833.2787
Fax: 202.833.1543
E-mail: info[at]artspresenters.org

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., The Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) is the national service and advocacy organization for performing arts presenters, with more than 1,400 members worldwide, dedicated to developing and supporting a robust performing arts presenting field and the professionals who work within it. They’re currently offering some great links and resources for those affected by Hurricane Sandy in the immediate link above.

Artsready Post-Sandy Recovery Resources ArtsReady
1800 Peachtree St, Suite 808
Atlanta, GA 30309
Fax: 404-873-2148

ArtsReady is “a web-based emergency preparedness platform” that was created in order to give assorted arts and cultural organizations the help, planning and advice they need after a crisis. The site offers absolutely superb links and resources, and is worth checking out.

CERF -- The Craft Emergency Relief Fund
CERF+ Artists' Relief Exchange (currently directly addressing Sandy’s Aftereffects): http://exchange.craftemergency.org/
PO Box 838
Montpelier, VT 05601
(802) 229-2306
Twitter: http://twitter.com/craftemergency
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Craft-Emergency-Relief-Fund/15436010657
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/craftemergency

ALSO VIA CERF+: Studio Protector (Salvage and e-salvage information)
Online Guide: http://studioprotector.org/OnlineGuide.aspx
Wall Guide: http://studioprotector.org/WallGuide.aspx
Salvage and e-Salvage: http://www.studioprotector.org/OnlineGuide/Salvage.aspx
First Aid for your Art Assets: http://studioprotector.org/OnlineGuide/Salvage/SalvageBasics/FirstAidforYourAsArtAssetsArchives.aspx

CERF is a wealth of information right when designers, artists and craftspeople will need it most. Their site offers invaluable assistance to Professional Crafts Artists in emergencies as well as a number of useful guides and assorted information on its website.

Meanwhile, the CERF+ Artists' Relief Exchange is a new online tool to connect artists' needs with offers of free assistance – it’s a wonderful idea that immediately links up those in need with those who have and are willing to give. (The Rules: Request only items you need. Do not use the exchange for personal profit. If you no longer need an item you received, repost or give it to another artist in need.)

The Studio Protector Online Guide, offered via CERF+, is a superb source for emergency preparedness and recovery information for artists, with an incredible wealth of information on how to protect, restore, salvage, and repair your art works and designs.

Council on Foundations
Disaster Grantmaking: http://www.cof.org/events/Disasters.cfm
Disaster Grantmaking: Disaster Grantmaking: A Practical Guide for Foundations and Corporations
E-mail: disasterresponse[at]cof.org
E-mail Discussion Group (Disaster Preparedness & Recovery, at DisasterNet@lyris.cof.org): cflistadmin[at]cof.org

If you’re doing your part in support of artists during times of disaster like Hurricane Sandy, use this portal to submit your foundation's response to Hurricane Sandy so the information can be shared with the philanthropic field. For additional inquiries or assistance, e-mail disasterresponse@cof.org. The Council also has an e-mail discussion group to help members share information about disaster preparedness and recovery (see the link above).

Grantmakers in the Arts
Hurricane Sandy Recovery Resources: http://www.giarts.org/emergency-readiness-response-recovery
Coalition for Artist Preparedness and Emergency Response: http://www.giarts.org/article/coalition-artists-preparedness-and-emergency-response
4055 21st Avenue West, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98199-1247
Telephone: (206) 624-2312
Fax: (206) 624-5568
E-mail: gia[at]giarts.org
Grantmakers in the Arts has been hard at work collecting and organizing a variety of helpful links, resources and other information for funders and others interested in supporting hurricane recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy. “Our goal is to serve as a conduit for information for our members and constituents.”

The Heritage Emergency National Task Force (Heritage Preservation - The National Institute for Conservation)
A Guide to Navigating FEMA: http://www.heritagepreservation.org/PDFS/GuidetoNavigatingFEMASBA.pdf
1012 14th St. NW, Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202-233-0800
Fax: 202-233-0807
E-mail: TaskForce[at] heritagepreservation.org

The Heritage Emergency National Task Force’s Information on Major Disasters offers a goldmine of information for arts groups or artists who risk damage, or who suffered damage or loss after Hurricane Sandy or other disasters. And whatever you do, don’t miss Heritage’s most essential item of all – its “Guide to Navigating FEMA,” complete with application forms.

Hurricane Sandy Relief: http://www.grammy.org/musicares/hurricane-sandy-relief Apply for Assistance (Hurricane Sandy): http://www.grammy.org/files/pages/sandy_relief_app.pdf
West Region and MusiCares MAP Fund: 3030 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404
Ph: 310-392-3777 or Fax: 310-392-2187 (Toll-free Help Line: 1-800-687-4227)
South Region: 1904 Wedgewood Ave., Nashville, TN 37212
Ph: 615-327-0050 or Fax: 615-327-0876 (1-877-626-2748)
East Region: 11 West 42nd St., 27th Floor, New York, NY 10036
Ph: 212-245-7840 or Fax: 212-245-8130
Toll-Free Help Lines: 1-877-303-6962 or 1-877-626-2748

To provide an immediate resource for musicians affected by Hurricane Sandy, MusiCares has established a fund to support members of the music community affected by the recent disaster, with The MusiCares Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. According to the website, potential assistance includes basic living expenses such as shelter, food, utilities, and transportation; medical expenses including doctor, dentist and hospital bills, and medications; clothing; instrument and recording equipment replacement; relocation costs; home repairs; debris removal; and more. They also offer a really superb list of general public resources in the wake of Sandy for citizens in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware via http://www.grammy.org/files/pages/sandy_relief_resources.pdf.

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