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Design (Production, Sets, Costumes)

Designers are a vital aspect of any production, creating the sets that provide the world of the show, and not just clothing the performers, but setting them within the action and providing the audience with insightful visual cues on the characters. This category explores the design process, and offers a wealth of information on set, costume and production design, as well as the roles of the designers in the production, from design tips and resources, to approaches, training, and more.
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Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Announces 'David Bowie Is' Exhibit
The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago has announced 'David Bowie Is,' a major exhibit on the life, career and cultural influences of David Bowie, to run from September 23, 2014 through January 4, 2015.

Scenic Design and Art Director Fine Hawkes Named Performing Arts Chair
Laura Fine Hawkes, an award-winning scenic designer and art director, has been appointed chair of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) Performing Arts Department.

Examining Role of Costumes in History, Fashion and Film
The impact of just the right costume in creating film iconography was recently examined at a conference entitled Who Designed Marilyns Dress? hosted by the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development on May 2, 2014.

Deborah M. Dryden Wins Lifetime Achievement Award for Costume Design
Oregon Shakespeare Festival costume designer Deborah M. Dryden has been selected by the Theatre Development Fund as the 2014 recipient of the TDF/Irene Sharaff Lifetime Achievement Award.

'Totem' Brings the Big Top to the Santa Monica Pier

Art Directors Guild Nominations Announced

World Stage Design 2013 Announces Performance Schedule
World Stage Design 2013 has announced the performance schedule and its highlights for the September 2013 event, which will include over 40 separate performance stagings.

World Stage Design 2013 'Costume in Action' Lectures and Events
World Stage Design 2013 will be offering a variety of useful theatre tech workshops, masterclasses, talks and seminars at its international event in September 2013.

World Stage Design 2013 ‘Design as Performance’ Schedule
World Stage Design 2013 will take place in September 2013, and the event will offer a variety of theatre tech ‘Design as Performance’ events, workshops, lectures and classes for international attendees interested in the world of theatre tech.

Nemetschek Vectorworks Announces Vectorworks Nomad 2.0
Nemetschek Vectorworks announces the Vectorworks Nomad 2.0 app, which is now available in the Apple App Store, as well as via Google Play.

15th Annual Costume Designers Guild Award Nominations Announced
Celebrating costume design excellence for film, television and commercial work, the complete list of nominees for the 15th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards were announced on January 17, 2013, with the awards to take place on February 19, 2013.

Winners Announced at 15th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards
The winners of the 15th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards were announced on February 19, 2013, when the Guild handed out competitive awards for costume design excellence in seven categories in film, television and commercials.

Chatting with 'Face Off' Finalist Laura Tyler
An in-depth interview with Season 3 "Face Off" finalist Laura Tyler, on her experiences during the competition, along with a peek at what she's up to next.

Protecting and Repairing Arts, Designs, and Other Works
To assist artists and performing artists in case of natural disasters or other catastrophes, here's a list of resources that may prove invaluable to you in protecting your precious arts, crafts and other creations.

Apps for Stage and Performing Arts Designers
An overview of several terrific apps to assist, inspire and support designers in the performing arts.

Syfy’s Newest Competition Series Challenges Set Designers
A look at the new Syfy show "Hot Set," a competitive reality show in which set designers create exciting new sets from scratch in a three-day competition for a $10,000 prize.

Fashionable Apps for Costume Designers
A look at some helpful apps to assist costume designers in their tasks.

Celebrating 'The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design'
The FIDM and The Academy of TV Arts & Sciences take visitors inside the costume designer's world and shining the spotlight on this year's Emmy-Nominated costume designers in The Sixth Annual Exhibition through October 20, 2012.

Image Gallery: 'The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design'
Get an inside look at The 6th Annual Exhibition of "The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design," presented by The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and the FIDM Museum & Galleries at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. The exhibit takes place from July 31, 2012 through October 20, 2012.

From Scythes to Jagerclaws: Behind the Props of NBC’s 'Grimm'
Get the inside scoop on the show’s design process, from fairytale weapons, to ancient monster sketches and the mysteries of Aunt Marie’s trailer, with a glimpse inside the show’s production and design from Prop Master Drew Pinniger.

Get the inside secrets of NBC's "Grimm" and its design process in part two of...
Get the inside secrets of NBC's "Grimm" and its design process in part two of an in-depth interview with the show's prop master, Drew Pinniger -- from the fairytale weapons, to ancient monster sketches and the mysteries of Aunt Marie’s trailer.

Global Rendering Competition Winners Announced
The results of a world-class rendering competition from Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. and MAXON Computer are in, as the companies recently announced the winners of the second annual Inspired Visions Global Rendering Competition.

The London Olympics Opening Ceremony: Theatre on the Grandest Scale
The London 2012 Ceremonies Team met several prodigious staging and production challenges to transform the Olympic Stadium into a series of historic, contemporary and modern settings that reflected the cultural changes and revolutions of British society, and which welcomed the world to the 2012 Olympic Games.

NBC Offers Free 'Grimm' eBook with 'Grimm: The Essential Guide'
The free new enhanced eBook, 'Grimm: The Essential Guide,' is now available on Apple's iBookstore in iTunes for iPad, and the non-enhanced edition will soon be available on Amazons Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet.

From Gaffers Tape to Gobos: Stagecraft and Tech Supplies Providers
Does your heart beat a little faster at the thought of a fabulous array of artful GOBOs? Could you spend hours arguing the pros and cons of the latest super-digitized light boards? Are you still searching for the perfect flashlight?If so, here are some must-hit sites for stage techs and those who love them.

Basic Costume Plot Form
Here's a helpful look at a basic Costume Plot, with a sample form costume designers can either use for printing and filling in, or as a blank template for their own costume design planning.

Planning the Show: A Checklist for Designers
Planning the show is easy if you use this handy checklist of questions and definitions every designer should ask when approaching an upcoming production.

Updated Renderworks Tutorial Now Available from Daniel Jansenson
Nemetschek Vectorworks has just published a newly updated training guide for users of Vectorworks software with 'Remarkable Renderworks: An Introduction to the Basics, Second Edition.'

Ralph McQuarrie, Famed 'Star Wars' Concept Artist, Dies at 82
A look at famed 'Star Wars' concept artist and visionary Ralph McQuarrie, who passed away recently.

'Face Off' Winner Rayce Bird Flies High
An interview with Rayce Bird, the winner of Season Two of the Syfy TV show "Face Off," which pits makeup effects professionals against one another in a series of grueling challenges until a winner emerges.

5 Essential Stagecraft and Stage Tech Websites
From TCG and USITT, to some links that may surprise you, here's a review of five essential web resources on stage tech and stagecraft for those in the performing arts -- as well as an overview of how to maximize, utilize, and contact them.

Vectorworks Cloud Services Expands Beyond North America to Europe
Expanding upon its availability to users within the United States and Canada since April 2012, Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. has announced the launch of its Cloud Services to users in many countries in Europe.

Costumer of Dark Dreams, Eiko Ishioka Dies at 73
A look at the work and career of talented designer Eiko Ishioka, costume designer for such films as "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and "The Cell," and Broadway's "M. Butterfly" and "Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark," who passed away at the age of 73.

Academy to Honor Douglas Trumbull With Gordon E. Sawyer Award
Distinguished director and effects pioneer Douglas Trumbull is being honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which has voted to give the Gordon E. Sawyer Award to Trumbull as part of the 2011 Oscars in its Scientific and Technical Awards Ceremony.

Academy Honors Effects Innovator Erland
Groundbreaking visual effects technologist and pioneer Jonathan Erland has been voted the John A. Bonner Medal of Commendation by the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2011.

Costume Supply Shops in Los Angeles
A look at some notable costume supply shops and workshops in Los Angeles, which can be incredible resources for costume designers, offering everything from sewing and crafting supplies, to abundant material.

Ohio Community Theatre Association Launches Contest to Honor Costume Designers
The Ohio Community Theatre Association has announced the Costume Design & Coordination Competition - 2012, which will honor outstanding achievement in Costume Design during the 2011-2012 season.

NYMF Seeks Interns
The New York Musical Theatre Festival offers internships in a variety of fields allowing interns to learn about not-for-profit theatre through active participation in a small, open-office environment, and is accepting applications on an ongoing basis.

Vectorworks 2012 Available Now
The 2012 version of the Vectorworks line of design software is available now.

USITT YD&T Award Nomination Deadline October 17, 2011
USITT is now accepting nominations for the Awards for Young Designers & Technicians, with a registration deadline of October 17, 2011.

Dressing the Character: The Role of the Costume Designer
A look at the role and process of the Costume Designer in the creation process of a show, as well as an examination of the way costume designers can bring forth the inner life of a character in his or her external costume onstage.

The Prop's the Thing for Eric Hart: Part 1 of 3
Part one of a three-part interview with Props Master and Artisan Eric Hart, creator of Prop Agenda, on his career in props -- and his advice to other aspiring props professionals.

Prop Agenda's Eric Hart on Props: Part 2
Part two of a three-part interview with Props Master and Artisan Eric Hart, creator of Prop Agenda, and on staff at The Public Theater in New York.

Talking Props with Eric Hart: Part 3 of 3
Part three of a three-part interview with Props Master and Artisan Eric Hart, creator of Prop Agenda, and on staff at The Public Theater in New York.

Anatomy of a Set Designer
A look at the work of the Set Designer, or Scenic Designer, and the vital role the set designer plays in the creation and staging of a performance, from theater to ballet and beyond.

USITT Rising Star Award Nominations Now Open
Nominations for the USITT Rising Star Award for 2012 are now open through November 2, 2011. The award, established by LDI/LiveDesign magazine, is given out annually by USITT to a young professional at the beginning of his or her career.

Art of Theatrical Design Featured in Special Omaha Exhibit
Through September 27, 2011, UNO Theatre Professors Sharon Sobel, Steven Williams and Robbie Jones will display their work as theatrical designers in the Osborne Family Gallery in the UNO Criss Library in a special exhibit that's sure to fascinate performing arts enthusiasts in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

"Catch Me If You Can" Set Designer David Rockwell
A Q&A interview with acclaimed set designer David Rockwell, on his work for the Broadway show "Catch Me If You Can."

That Hair! That Face! The Art of the Hair and Makeup Designer
A look at the work of theatrical hair and makeup designers and artists.

Creating War Horses (the Handspring Interview, Part 2 of 2)
Part 2 of an in-depth Q&A with Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler, the Tony Award-winning team behind the extraordinary puppets of "War Horse."

Bringing a War Horse to Life Onstage (Part 1)
Part 1 of an in-depth Q&A with Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler, the Tony Award-winning team behind the extraordinary puppets of "War Horse."

Choosing the Right Graphics Tablet
An overview of graphics tablets and their uses for performing arts designers, along with a comparison chart of leading models and their features and prices.

The Puppets of 'War Horse'
A photo gallery spotlighting the puppet horses created by the Handspring Puppet Company for the National Theatre productions of WAR HORSE, based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Nick Stafford with the Handspring Puppet Company, directed by Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris.

Behind the Scenes of Cirque du Soleil’s "KÀ"
A behind-the-scenes interview with the people behind the nightly staging of the Cirque du Soleil show KÀ.

"KÀ" by the Numbers
KÀ’s artists both onstage and behind the stage meet an extraordinary number of challenges in order to bring the show to life on a nightly basis. Here's a detailed look at the technical facts and specs behind the show’s staggering production process.

The Designs of Guy Hendrix Dyas - Guy Dyas Production Designs - Movie Concept...
A gallery of concept art and sketches by movie production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas, from such films as 'The Brothers Grimm,' 'X2: X-Men United,' 'Superman Returns,' and 'Inception.'

Guy Hendrix Dyas on Designing Inception - Guy Hendrix Dyas Interview -...
Production Designer and 2011 Oscar nominee Guy Hendrix Dyas talks about his design challenges and inspirations for 'Inception,' as well as several other films from his career thus far.

Staging the World of 'Cavalia'
A sumptuous visual treat that is neither a 'horse show' or a 'circus' but something indefinably in between, 'Cavalia' paints a world in which human and horse coexist harmoniously side by side. The show's staging challenges are prodigious, yet each performance flawlessly enables an audience to experience a blend of man and horse, and thrilling...

What, exactly, is 'art direction?'
What is art direction? Who actually receives the Oscar nomination for Best Art Direction? And what do they do? From The Wizard of Oz to The Matrix to Inception, here's a detailed look that explains everything the art and science of art direction brings to a film. (Well, almost everything...)

2011 Oscar Nominees (Best Art Direction) Alice in Wonderland
'Alice in Wonderland' is a lush and beautiful visual journey sure to mesmerize any who are interested in design for film. From its spooky, slightly disturbing vision of Wonderland, to its muted, watery Victorian palettes, dank forests, gruesome moats, and opposing castles, it's a feast for those interested in the art of design for film.

Essential Websites for Costume Designers - Costume Design Websites - Learning...
Essential Websites for Costume Designers - Costume Design Websites - Learning Costume Design - Designing Costumes

Flying Aces and Zorros, Lovers and Fools - an Interview with Holly Poe Durbin
Costume designer Holly Poe Durbin on her designs for the The Shakespeare Center’s 25th-Anniversary landmark -- an all-star production of 'Much Ado About Nothing.'

Production 101
Performing arts from the local and regional perspective, from little theatres to regional venues, and encompassing all aspects of staging, production, administration, promotion, and more.

From Shakespeare to 'Tangled' -- a Conversation with Designer Douglas Rogers
An in-depth interview with theatrical set designer and 'Tangled' production designer Douglas Rogers, about his influences, his work as a set designer, his artistic process, and creative inspirations, from Shakespeare to world travel.

Drafting: The Unsung Skill
Want to design for lighting, sets, costumes, and more? Take my advice -- and learn to draft.

Syfy Renews ‘Face Off’ for Fourth Season
Syfy has just announced the renewal of its hit show 'Face Off,' which pits special effects makeup specialists against one another in a reality competition airing Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).

Carmel, Indiana Hosts AACTFest 2013 National Festival
AACTFest 2013 takes place in Carmel, Indiana, at the Tarkington Theatre in June, and this year's event will include an exhibit that shines the spotlight on the contributions of theatrical designers.

Drama Desk Awards for Scenic Design
An overview of the winners and nominees in Scenic Design from the Drama Desk Awards, from 1969-2012.

2013 Tony Award Winners in Design
Get the overview on the 2013 Tony Award Winners in design here, from the high-flying scenic designs for 'Matilda the Musical' to the acclaimed lighting for the Tom Hanks vehicle 'Lucky Guy.'

Drama Desk Award for Costume Design (Drama Desk)
A look at the Drama Desk Award nominees and winners for Outstanding Costume Design, from 1969 through 2013.

Vectorworks 2014 Offers New Enhancements
With the release of its 2014 upgrades, Vectorworks software now includes more than 130 improvements that were developed for better modeling, BIM management, interoperability, usability, performance, and quality.

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