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From Gaffers Tape to Gobos: Stagecraft and Tech Supplies Providers

Stage tech, lighting, and stagecraft supply providers


From Gaffers Tape to Gobos: Stagecraft and Tech Supplies Providers

Gobos and other lighting and theatrical supplies are now readily available from a host of excellent vendors and providers on the Internet.

Photo courtesy of B Rosen

Does your heart beat a little faster at the thought of a fabulous array of artful Gobos or lighting gels? Could you spend hours arguing the pros and cons of the latest super-digitized light boards? Are you still searching for the perfect flashlight?If so, here are some must-hit sites for stage techs and those who love them.

Tools for Stagecraft
Website: http://www.toolsforstagecraft.com
713 Quail View Court
Oak Park, CA 91377
Phone: 877-80-TOOLS (Toll-Free) or 818-614-9328
Fax: 818-614-9328
E-mail: tools[at]toolsforstagecraft.com

Looking for a headset, a belt clip, some gaffers tape, a ratcheting tool, or any other of a thousand cool gadgets perfect for theatre techs? Tools for Stagecraft is a terrific and thoughtfully designed online store that offers everything you can think of, plus plenty of items you hadn't.

Outfitted with tools and supplies for stage, film, and TV tech, with support for those staging conventions and church events as well, Tools for Stagecraft is owned and operated by John Klima, who has been an IATSE member since 1967, Tools for Stagecraft is one of those online stores that I find intensely dangerous - you can drop on by to look at a few things, and suddenly three hours have passed. As you browse Tools for Stagecraft, don't miss the "About" section, which offers an essential human glimpse into Klima and his wife Robin, and their founding of the enterprise. Robin passed away after a four-year battle with cancer in August of 2011, and Tools for Stagecraft is a vital and memorable legacy.

Stage Spot
Website: http://www.stagespot.com
E-mail: info[at]stagespot.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/StageSpot
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stagespot
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/stagespot/

Founded in 2000 by two IATSE electricians who decided to open their own store after touring on crew with music and theatre productions for years, StageSpot is an excellent resource for stage-supply essentials, with products for performance lighting, stage lighting and more, as well as an impressive inventory of lamps, fixtures, gaff tape, color gels, custom gobos, and other lighting and theatrical supplies.

Musson Theatrical
Website: http://www.musson.com/
890 Walsh Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Telephone: 1-800-THEATER
E-mail: info[at]musson.com

Musson Theatrical provides a significant and varied inventory of supplies for stagecraft, from lighting, sound, scenery, and special effects, to rigging, draperies, and stage makeup. Musson supports everything from theatre groups to educational, church, events, and other clients. Musson's services include sales, system design and specification, custom drapery and rigging design and installation, rentals, event design along with an assortment of general production services.

Limelight Productions
Telephone: 1-800-243-4950 (toll free) or 1-413-243-4950
Fax: 1-413-243-4993
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9A-5P (est)
E-mail: sales[at]limelightproductions.com

Limelight offers a comprehensive inventory of theatrical, film, and video supplies, as well as a host of essentiral tools and supplies for stagecraft, and scenic artists and designers. Supplies include paint, fabrics, tools, Gobos, tape of all kinds (gaffers, glow, and spike), flame retardant makeup, sophisticated effects equipment for snow, fog and more, plus color media, patterns and templates, scenic paint, scenic/theatrical hardware, and more.

Stage Technology
Website: http://www.stagetechnology.com
Corporate Headquarters & Internet Sales
825 Rhode Island Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Telephone: Toll Free: 800-220-6920 or Phone: 763-544-0601
Fax: 763-525-8676
E-mail: TheatreTechMN[at]norcostco.com

Stage Technology is one of the nation's oldest providers of theatrical supplies, and offers a solid array of stagecraft books, videos, supplies and expendables, as well as character novelties and costume accessories (and even costume plots), design software, Gobos and gels along with other lighting tools and accessories, cables and connectors, and much more. Stage Technology is an official part of Norcostco, and also offers services ranging from costume rentals to drapery and system installations.

Stagecraft Industries
Website: http://www.stagecraftindustries.com
5051 North Lagoon Avenue
Portland, OR 97217
Telephone: 503-286-1600
Fax: 503-286-3345

When founded, Stagecraft Industries was originally known as the Stagecraft Shop, and was a modest division of a school supply company. In 1960, the shop changed to its current name and began offering stage equipment for large performing arts and school performance venues, a focus it continues today. The organization is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with regional offices in Oakland California and Seattle, Washington, and its products include curtains, rigging, grids, tracks, stage lighting systems, transfer cabinets, fire curtains, stage extensions, pit fillers, orchestra lifts, and two of its best-known products for schools, Stage Scope and Class Act Performer.

CPS Stagecraft Production Services
Website: http://www.stagecraft.co.uk
Telephone (UK): 01722 326 055
E-mail: sales[at]stagecraft.co.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=45166993395

CPS Stagecraft Production Services is part of the CPS (Complete Production Solutions) Group, and it offers an array of stagecraft consumables and supplies. Popular items include gaffer tape, insulation tape, stage makeup supplies, batteries, spare lamps and cable ties, as well as Lee Filters gels. Tools and equipment for hire also include items for Lighting, Sound, Staging, Trussing, Special Effects and more.

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