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Vectorworks Cloud Services Expands Beyond North America to Europe

New Cloud Services now offered in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal and Spain


Vectorworks Cloud Services Expands Beyond North America to Europe

Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. has announced the launch of its Cloud Services to users in many countries in Europe.

Image courtesy of Vectorworks

Expanding upon its availability to users within the United States and Canada since April 2012, Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. has announced the launch of Vectorworks® Cloud Services in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal and Spain. Vectorworks Cloud Services will provide greater convenience, collaboration and freedom for users to access their designs from any location, at any time. It is available exclusively for members of the company's software subscription program, Vectorworks Service Select, and is initially offered as a free service.

"We are very pleased to offer the benefits of cloud computing directly to our UK customers through Vectorworks Cloud Services," commented Martyn Horne, product development manager at Computers Unlimited, the Vectorworks distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland. "Coupled with the new mobile app, Vectorworks Nomad, this capability adds a very useful and new dimension to the Vectorworks workflow and product portfolio."

This initial Cloud Services offering will allow users of Vectorworks software to access and share files and make design decisions from any location. Changes to users' Vectorworks files will be automatically synchronized to their private cloud storage, allowing them to browse, annotate and share their designs from web-enabled devices using the Vectorworks Nomad mobile application.

Vectorworks Cloud Services also saves time by freeing up desktop computing power. Creating client presentations with desktop-design software often requires a significant amount of user investment to coordinate, monitor and wait while resources consume the desktop CPU. Vectorworks Cloud Services provides a cloud-based workflow, shifting calculations needed to generate sections, elevations, renderings and Building Information Modeling (BIM) data from the desktop to the cloud.

"Vectorworks Cloud Services will be a nice opportunity for Danish Vectorworks users," added John Hansen of MikroGraf, who represents Vectorworks in Denmark. "Smaller firms, in particular, will benefit from the backup and presentation features of this inventive service."

About Vectorworks Cloud Services

Vectorworks Cloud Services was launched in the United States and Canada on April 2, 2012 as a free trial. The service offers designers the freedom to share files and to make design decisions from any location. Changes by users to their Vectorworks files will automatically be synchronized to their private cloud storage, allowing individuals to browse and share their latest designs from any web-enabled device.

Vectorworks Cloud Services will also save users time by providing a cloud-based workflow for creating presentations, shifting calculations needed to generate sections, elevations, renderings, and BIM data from the desktop to the cloud. Vectorworks Cloud Services is offered exclusively to Vectorworks Service Select members.

Vectorworks Cloud Services is currently available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, and Spain, and will be available in other countries with Vectorworks Service Select in the near future. To learn more about Vectorworks Cloud Services, please visit www.vectorworks.net/cloudservices.

About Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.

Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nemetschek AG and has been developing software since 1985. The Vectorworks line of software products provides professional design solutions for more than 450,000 designers in the AEC, entertainment and landscape design industries. With a tradition of designing flexible, versatile, intuitive and affordable CAD and BIM solutions, Nemetschek Vectorworks continues to be a global leader in 3D design technologies. For more information, visit www.vectorworks.net.

About Computers Unlimited Design Department

Computers Unlimited Design Department is an exclusive distributor of many 2D, 3D and CAD solutions for professionals working in architecture, interior, furniture, landscape, industrial design, animation, new media and video designers. Computers Unlimited Design Department's portfolio of products include Vectorworks software, an affordable CAD and BIM solution, and its Training Division, Training Unlimited, provides the UK's only Authorized Vectorworks Training Centre and training on all our products is carried out by Authorized CAD Specialists. For more information, visit www.vectorworks-cad.co.uk.

About MikroGraf

MikroGraf finds and presents the best IT solutions to small and medium sized companies in Denmark. With 20+ years of experience, we also offer advise on how to maximize IT tools. We are proud to represent excellent products from Autodessys (bonzai3d, formZ), Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. (Vectorworks software), MAXON (CINEMA 4D, BodyPaint), Open Text (FirstClass), Kerio (Kerio Mailserver) and Cyberoam. For more information, visit www.mikrograf.dk.

About TechLimits Informatica

TechLimits has been a distributor of Vectorworks software in Portugal since 1997 and in Spain since September 2011. In Spain, Vectorworks software is available in English or localized into Spanish. TechLimits offers tech support and training and holds workshops and training events at universities on a regular basis. For more information, visit www.techlimits.com.

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