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Fundraising and Financials

Everything you need to know about fundraising for the performing arts, box office management, and more.

Arts Commissions by State
A complete list of arts commissions by state, to serve as a resource for performing artists.

Seattle Shakespeare Company Celebrates 13th Straight Year of Profitability
After closing out the financial records for Seattle Shakespeare Company’s 2013-2014 season, Managing Director John Bradshaw announced this week that the company ended the year in the black with revenues of $1.6 million.

7 Social Rules for Arts Fundraisers
Seven rules to help you stay focused, positive, and confident when it comes to asking your patrons for money. (Rule one? Stop apologizing for asking.)

5 Tips for Saving Money on Productions
It’s no secret that the economic challenges of the past few years have been tough on those in the performing arts. Smaller audiences, dwindling box-office profits, fewer grants, and (worse) fewer volunteers can make it more challenging than ever to bring your productions to life. But don’t give up! There are ways to plan a satisfying season...

5 Tips for Increasing Audiences
When it comes to increasing audiences, it's important to stay motivated, attentive, and -- most of all -- creative! With that in mind, here are just a few new brainstorms and approaches that could be truly transformative when it comes to filling those seats.

20 Essential Fundraising Ideas
The biggest mistake a performing arts organization can make is to be timid about its fundraising. So don't be timid. Be bold. You're providing something essential to the community, and you need money to operate. You can't get what you don't ask for. So ask . Be creative, charming and outgoing (without being pushy). And do so year-round,...

Bringing in the Money: 11 Fundraising Approaches That Work
A look at eleven tangible actions and approaches to help you bring in more money for your group or organization, even in troubled times.

Top 10 Box Office Software Solutions
Whether your performances take place in a cozy 130-seat space or a venue of thousands, Box Office and ticketing software products can be a huge asset to performing arts organizations these days. The best can transform your business, increase ticket sales and help you to reach more audiences than ever. But how to choose? Here’s a quick look at...

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