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RJ Haddy Talks Life After 'Face Off' (Part 2)


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Looking Forward
RJ Haddy Talks Life After 'Face Off' (Part 2)

Finalist RJ Haddy (right) with (from left) Beki, Brea, and Athena at work on "Face Off." Beki was a contestant Haddy felt could have gone all the way.

Courtesy of Syfy and NBCUniversal

I recently interviewed 'Face Off' Season 2 finalist RJ Haddy here. Following is part two of my interview with Haddy, in which he talks about coming into the reality show as a kind of career rebirth.

Angela Mitchell: It was really satisfying for me, as a viewer of the show, to see you get that second chance after learning you had left Hollywood earlier to be with your family.

RJ Haddy: Even so, it’s hard not to think, where might I have been now if I had stayed in California ten years ago. However, I wouldn't trade that time with my dad and my family for any job. It was a no-brainer to come home and help the family with the situation at the time. For ten years, I tried to establish some kind of contact with people in the industry to work out there in the summer months. All the while, I would hear him say to me "I am so sorry you came home because of me," or "If it kills me, I'm gonna make sure you get back to California." He truly felt that I had gotten stuck here because of him, and it didn't matter how much I would say in return "No, this is where I am supposed to be right now."

Angela Mitchell: You must have really been thinking of him during the competition.

RJ Haddy: One thing that hits me in the center of my chest is that he missed all of this by about 18 months... and he waited my whole life to see something like this. The people at Church say "He does see it," and if he does, I can imagine he was screaming his head off rooting for me... I got a little emotional on that Spotlight Challenge I won because that was for him. I could feel him over my shoulder there when they said I had won.

Maybe him being up there pestering God to help me out is what caused all this, and if I know my Pops, that's exactly what he's been doing! So yes, this show for me really was a second chance, I’m the Robert Downey, Jr. of makeup effects -- I got a second chance. How affirming is that, when most don't even get the first chance? This is what I have been waiting on, and meeting the fans that put me here and showing my appreciation, and my father’s love, to all of them is what I am looking forward to.

About returning to work, well... we shall see how that pans out. I would like to see some concrete offers come in... maybe a reality show of my own, or starting a workshop? Who knows?

Angela Mitchell: I’m asking each of you finalists this -- which fellow contestants had you picked to go all the way to the end?

RJ Haddy: That would change all the time, but we did talk about it a lot... I think at one point everyone was in the running for that. I was surprised not to see Jerry and Beki at the end. Once they were gone, I was really surprised about having three finalists instead of four. I would have liked to seen Matt in the end with us.

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