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2011 Ovation Award Winners

Winners honored in L.A. production, performance, design and more


2011 Ovation Award Winners

Rogue Machine's Small Engine Repair recently garnered three Ovation awards in 2011, from Best Play (Intimate Theatre Category) to acting and directing awards.

Courtesy of Rogue Machine

A complete list of the 2011 winners includes the following honorees:

Best Season
The Troubadour Theater Company (for its productions of The First Jo-el, Fleetwood Macbeth, and A Wither's Tale)

Best Play (Intimate Theatre)
Small Engine Repair (Rogue Machine)

Best Play (Large Theatre)
A Raisin in the Sun (Ebony Repertory Theatre)

Best Musical (Intimate Theatre)
Jerry Springer: The Opera (The Chance Theater)

Best Musical (Large Theatre)
Kiss Me, Kate (Reprise Theatre Company)

Acting Ensemble for a Play
The Cast of Small Engine Repair (Rogue Machine)

Acting Ensemble of a Musical
The Cast of A Wither's Tale (Troubadour Theater Company)

Cate Caplin, Fascinating Rhythms (Rubicon Theatre Company)

Music Direction
Paul Litteral, Hoboken to Hollywood (Reasoner Associates LLC)

Book for an Original Musical
William Norris, Stuart Gordon, and Dennis Paoli, Re-Animator: The Musical (Red Hen Productions and The Schramm Group LLC)

Lyrics/Music for an Original Musical
Gregory Nabours, The Trouble with Words (Coeurage Theatre Company)

Playwriting for an Original Play
Stefan Marks, Hello (Crooked Arrow Productions)

Director of a Musical
Matt Walker, A Wither's Tale (Troubadour Theatre Company)

Director of a Play
Andrew Block, Small Engine Repair (Rogue Machine)

Lead Actor in a Musical
Raul Esparza as Jonas Nightingale, Leap of Faith (Center Theatre Group: Ahmanson Theatre)

Lead Actress in a Musical
Lesli Margherita as Lilli Vanessi/Kate, Kiss Me, Kate (Reprise Theatre Company)

Lead Actor in a Play
Stefan Marks as Clark, Hello (Crooked Arrow Productions)

Lead Actress in a Play
Laurie Metcalf as Virginia, Voice Lessons (Linda Toliver and Gary Guidinger in association with Sacred Fools Theatre Company)

Featured Actor in a Musical
Matt Walker as Leontes/Clown, A Wither's Tale (Troubadour Theater Company)

Featured Actress in a Musical
Beth Kennedy as Paulina/Shepard, A Wither's Tale (Troubadour Theater Company)

Featured Actor in a Play
Henry Dittman as James Moriarty, Watson - The Last Great Tale of the Legendary Sherlock Holmes (Sacred Fools Theatre Company)

Featured Actress in a Play
Deidrie Henry as Ruth Younger, A Raisin in the Sun (Ebony Repertory Theatre)

Lighting Design (Intimate Theatre)
Christopher Kuhl, How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found (The Theatre @ Boston Court)

Lighting Design (Large Theatre)
David Weiner, Venice, (Center Theatre Group: Kirk Douglas Theatre)

Scenic Design (Intimate Theatre)
Joel Daavid, Skeleton Stories (Theatre of NOTE)

Scenic Design (Large Theatre)
Todd Rosenthal, Twist - An American Musical (Pasadena Playhouse)

Sound Design (Intimate Theatre)
Alyssa Ishii, Awake, (Bootleg Theater)

Sound Design (Large Theatre)
Joshua Horvath, Venice (Center Theatre Group: Kirk Douglas Theatre)

Costume Design (Intimate Theatre)
A. Jeffrey Schoenberg, The Malcontent (The Antaeus Company)

Costume Design (Large Theatre)
Emilio Sosa, Twist - An American Musical (Pasadena Playhouse)

The Sherwood Award
Presented to Lighting Designer Christopher Kuhl

Composition for a Play
Brian Joseph, Lyle Lovett, Fred Sanders, Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins, Much Ado About Nothing (The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles)

Fight Choreography
Brian Danner, The Walworth Farce (Theatre Banshee)

Puppet Design
Kristopher Bicknell, Gwyneth Conaway Bennison, and Miles Taber, D is for Dog (Rogue Artists Ensemble)

Video Design
Jason Thompson, Venice (Center Theatre Group: Kirk Douglas Theatre)

About the Ovation Awards

For over 22 years, the LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards recognize excellence in theatrical performance, production and design in the Greater Los Angeles area, providing L.A.'s only peer-judged theatre awards. Each year, 400 productions compete in 29 Ovation Categories, and are evaluated by a pool of 250 vetted Ovation Voters, all of whom are theatre professionals currently working in the industry today.

For more information on this year's complete list of nominees, visit http://www.lastageovations.com/.

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