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Chichester Festival Theatre Wins Regional Theatre of the Year Award


Chichester Festival Theatre Wins Regional Theatre of the Year Award

The Chichester Festival Theatre wins Regional Theatre of the Year Award.

Courtesy of the Chichester Festival Theatre
Updated February 12, 2012

The Chichester Festival Theatre has received The Stage 100 Regional Theatre of the Year Award, in recognition of its achievements during Festival 2011.

The award has just been announced by The Stage, the UK’s leading newspaper for the entertainment industry.

Upon receiving the award, The Chichester Festival Theatre’s Artistic Director, Jonathan Church, expressed the theatre's appreciation, noting: “We’re absolutely delighted to receive this award from The Stage. It’s very gratifying to have this acknowledgement of our work, particularly at the start of our 50th Anniversary year. Our success has been possible because of the incredibly hard work of our staff, actors, creative teams, commercial partners, and of course, the ongoing support of our audiences.”

The Chichester Festival Theatre 2011-2012 Season

Chichester’s Festival 2011 has been one of the most successful in its history thus far. Top Girls transferred to the West End last summer following its critically acclaimed run at the Minerva Theatre. Singin’ in the Rain, directed by Jonathan Church, and Sweeney Todd, which featured Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton, will transfer to the West End early in 2012, alongside Festival 2010’s Bingo, which will open at the Young Vic.

About the Judging Process

The Stage’s judging panel voted unanimously for the Festival Theatre, saying “It was a stunning year for this regional powerhouse. Jonathan Church’s artistic choices continue to be pitch perfect, setting favourites alongside unfamiliar pieces and, of course, showcasing some of the best musical talent this side of the Atlantic.”

Learn more about the Chichester Festival Theatre at its website, at http://www.cft.org.uk.

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