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Drama League Adds New Initiative 'Resident Artists Program' to Directors Project

Applications to all seven programs now available with a deadline of Feb. 1, 2013


Drama League Adds New Initiative 'Resident Artists Program' to Directors Project

The Drama League has announced the addition of a new new initiative, called 'The Resident Artist Program,' which will be added to The 2013 Drama League Directors Project series of program offerings.

Image courtesy of The Drama League Directors Project

The Drama League (Gabriel Shanks, Executive Director; Roger T. Danforth, Artistic Director) announced recently that a new new initiative, the Resident Artist Program, will be added to The 2013 Drama League Directors Project series of program offerings.

Now in its 30th year, The Drama League's career development program will feature seven initiatives that will include: The New York Directing Program, The Hangar Summer Residency, New Directors/New Works, The Classical Fellowship for Directors of Color, The Musical Theatre Directing Fellowship, and The U.S./Bulgaria Stage Directors Exchange.

"We were thrilled by the success of DirectorFest, which completed performances last weekend," stated Drama League Artistic Director Roger T. Danforth. "With the new Drama League Theatre Center opening this Spring, we will have the opportunity to meet the needs of more young directors entering the profession than ever before."

Drama League Executive Director Gabriel Shanks added, "With declining support across the nation for arts education, dwindling professional development opportunities, and scarce funding for new projects, The Drama League is excited to expand The Directors Project to address essential needs for early, mid-career and established directors."

The Drama League Directors Project has grown to become the preeminent development program for theatre directors -- providing talented artists with career-changing experiences in the professional theatre.

The 2013 Drama League Directors Project Initiatives include:

The Resident Artists Program, a new initiative for 2013 supported by the Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust, offers director/collaborator teams and/or ensembles an opportunity to comfortably develop a new theatre piece as artists-in-residence at the Drama League Theater Center in Tribeca. A $5,000 residency stipend, 150 hours of rehearsal space, professional mentorship, administrative space, and community engagement allow selected artists to fully inhabit an extended, process-oriented residency experience. For 2013, this program will be available only to teams/ensembles that include an alumni of any other Directors Project program.

The New York Directing Program selects four (4) early/mid-career directors for a 19-week immersion program includes professional network development, a retreat intensive, assistant directing assignments in New York City and major regional theatres, and the fully-staged production of a one-act play in Manhattan attended by industry professionals.

The Hangar Summer Residency, a partnership with the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, NY, selects four (4) early/mid-career directors to serve as the artistic leaders of the Hangar Lab, a non-Equity company comprised of young professionals in acting, design, directing, and stage management. Working with the support and guidance of the Hangar artistic staff, the directors are responsible for selecting, designing, casting and producing the entire Second Stage season.

New Directors/New Works supports multiple director/collaborator teams in developing promising new ideas for theatre pieces, at their early stages of conception. The program offers two levels of support for projects in early and middle stages of development. Each provides a stipend, rehearsal space, community engagement, administrative support and professional mentorship to move projects from concept to reality, in preparation for future production.

The Classical Fellowship for Directors of Color, a partnership with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA, selects one minority director with interest in deeply exploring the classics on stage. Over sixteen weeks, the director will both assist and stage professional and educational productions of Shakespeare and other classical playwrights.

The Musical Theatre Directing Fellowship, a partnership with Barrington Stage Company in Pittsfield, MA, is a twelve-week intensive in professional musical development and production. During their residency in Pittsfield, the selected Fellow will assist on the company's mainstage productions and in the Musical Theatre Lab (MTL), which is overseen by Tony-winning composer/lyricist William Finn.

The U.S./Bulgaria Stage Directors Exchange, a partnership with Art Office/Sofia and funded in part by the Trust for Mutual Understanding, is open by invitation only to professional directors and artistic directors. The exchange develops research, production, and collaboration opportunities for American and Bulgarian directors in both countries via international exchanges and residencies. To inquire about participation in this program, email rtdanforth [at] dramaleague.org.

About The Drama League Directors Project

The Directors Project accomplishes the following on an ongoing basis:

  • Enhances young directors' artistic growth, broadens their knowledge, and hones their skills by providing opportunities to work with and learn from leading theatre artists around the country;
  • Provides opportunities for young directors to present their work for the professional community;
  • Augments the network of professionals to whom new directors can turn for counsel, support, and employment; and
  • Accelerates the process through which new directors gain acceptance within the professional community, bringing their unique skills and vision into the working life of the American theatre.

The Drama League Directors Project also maintains an active support network for its alumni. Most recently, it has expanded into international programming. The US-Bulgarian Directors Exchange that fosters artistic exchanges between industry professionals, Drama League Directors, and the many exciting theater companies in Bulgaria. Residencies have been created between Drama League alumni and the Sfumato and the Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre companies.

Full program descriptions and applications are now available at www.dramaleague.org/directorsproject. The application deadline for all programs is February 1, 2013. For more information, please visit the website at www.dramaleague.org, call (212) 244-9494 or email Chantal Pavageaux, Directors Project Administrator, at cpavageaux [at] dramaleague.org.

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