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Drama League Awards


Drama League Awards
© The Drama League

Launched in 1922, then 'formalized' in 1935, The Drama League Awards honor productions, performances, and career achievements in musical theatre and direction, and are the oldest theatrical awards in the United States. The Drama League Awards are voted upon by Drama League members themselves across the country, on excellence in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions.

Supporting nearly 100,000 members across the nation each year, the Drama League offers a number of programs and networking opportunities, more notably through such programs as its Audience Project and the Directors Project.

The Drama League

Website: http://dramaleague.org/

520 8th Avenue, Suite 320

New York, NY 10018

Phone: (212) 244-9494

E-mail: info@dramaleague.org

Eligibility Guidelines: http://dramaleague.org/?page_id=285

General Information: http://dramaleague.org/?page_id=2285

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